“I heard that if you ate alot of motion sickness pills it would cause a trip-like effect, so I tried it and ate 1 whole bottle (8 50mg pills) I was at a party and smoked some pot (nugs, not swag) and drank a few shots and a couple rum and cokes.

The whole time I my vision was distorted like I was coming down off mushrooms and there were little moving spots, looked like bugs…and I felt bugs crawling all over my skin, but I was fine with it, I just itched. The whole night I was kinda bumed, and I had a bad taste in my mouth.

Other times I’ve taken them I’ve woken up with complete amnesia…the whole day just seemed to disappear and everytime I’ve taken them the next few days I’m very depressed and antisocial.

I’ve also noticed that after taking them like 10 times that the dots in my vision are permanent, when I look up into the sky it looks like gnats flying all over

I have never had fun on this drug and I dont know why I’ve done it so many times.”